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 Candidate interviews interviews by libertarianprogressive.com - w/ qualified, on the ballot, independent & 3rd party candidates - showing the electorate available different choices / options - to make a more informed decision.  These are thorough interviews, conversations that cover many issues & topics.

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Christina Tobin Interview : Free & Equal - Long term plan, Independent & Awake   http://freeandequal.org 

  The fundamental question is not whether to vote for independent or 3rd party candidates - rather : WHY DO THE SO CALLED REPUBLICANS & DEMOCRATS REPRESS EQUAL COMPETITION IN DEBATES AND ELECTIONS? And who are they disallowing? (ask yourself this because) if they do it to them - they ARE doing that to you, and to all of us - we ARE the independents and 3rd party's; as more people realize this, and the consequences thereof, there will be more questions, options, relevant information and choices


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One of the goals for 2012 was to interview 50+ independent and 3rd party candidates who are on the ballot for the Congress of the USofA in 2012 (that goal was surpassed w/ 55+ : now the goal is to spread the word - here is a compilation of 55+ (varied yet similar) sincere and highly qualified candidates.  Note: there was an aim to interview candidates in districts where they are the only alternate (non-redumblicrat) candidate (approx 90% of these candidates are).

A point to mention (as far as we currently know) - we have interviewed, gathered & made a compilation of the most 2012, original, on the ballot, independent and third party Congressional (+ 1 Gubernatorial) candidate interviews

If you like the message then please spread the word, email this page, share the ideas; share, subscribe, rate & comment on our social media pages as well as call into radio shows, C-SPAN, write to news outlets etc.

2014 - we made a compilation of interviews from others, of independent and 3rd party candidates!  These candidates are what you are probably not being told (informed) about in regards to the 2014 elections, we hope people vote based on hope, not fear.

All 2014 candidate interviews in a play-list format
(redirects to our youtube playlist page)

+ if you are a candidate for office - please use the contact information below herein - we would like to do an interview w/ you.
+ if you have a thorough, informative candidate interview (which we can verify) please send the link and we may add it also.
+ if you are media - please use the contact information below herein.
+ if you are well known and would like to have us conduct an interview w/ you about related topics etc.
+ anyone else who would like to help, participate, share ideas & etc - please use the same contact information below herein.

Goal & vision for 2012 - 2020 - it is not only to interview candidates, to inform & educate the public of all of their voting options in November - it is also to share the idea: what if the headlines after election day read: "50+ independent and 3rd party candidates elected to Congress this November", a November to remember, "a shot heard 'round the world".  We are doing 50+ candidate interviews every two year Congressional election cycle (metaphorically reflecting our 50 states) - a real representation of who is in position & ready to earn your vote this year, and there are many more (approx 70% of all districts, please read our resources section) - even if you are not in their district - please remember, their choices will affect the whole world; we can affect the world positively, now and in the future).  Instead of not voting, rather don't vote . . . for the rebloodlicans or democrips.  News Flash - there are other candidates on the ballot (that you might not always have read about - Gallup - U.S. Distrust in Media Hits New High); qualified candidates/ people who will vote to end  unjust, unconstitutional wars, keep their oath, not sell out, be a messenger of truth and more truly represent we the people of the United States of America - a free & democratically elected republic, not an empire of illusion.  This is an idea (powerful, simple and whose time has come) and spreading the word (i.e. sharing w/ 10 people who will also share w/ 10 more people and on and on) can and will  make a significant impact to flip the balance of power back to freedom and truth.  Our Constitution put a sort of emergency brake (if we ever need it) in the House of Representatives - where every two years we can elect a new one; I say that it's time to pull the lever and "occupy the House" via legitimate elections - throw out the oath breakers (con-artists, liars etc) like the tea thrown out of the ships into the Boston Harbor during the first "tea party".

There hasn't been a better time to realize this - while the Congress has consistent historical low approval ratings (Gallup poll) and most people identify themselves as independent.  The current R's & D's are asking for it (let's give it to them) with out of control empire budgets (borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar), infracting civil liberties, no due process, lawlessness (see resources - NDAA votes & more), the highest incarceration rate in the world (WikipediA - 1 - 2), a failed drug policy, insiders from the FDA + other departments self regulating themselves (via revolving doors & conflicts of interest), insider trading, bailouts (that no one wanted to give to failed institutions), corporate cronyism, repressing competition, corporate welfare, peoples privacy being violated more & more - meanwhile our government is far more secret, less accountable and we the people less informed and more fearful. 

LibertarianProgressive.com : this website is composed of facts, news, legal & practical options, ideas and etc.  There are good organizations which exist and good solutions for the problems that exist in our world - this page has some of them - foundational solutions - that will help to create an environment where good ideas can flourish and spread more quickly.  This is something to do today, that is achievable, realistic and within our rights and means.   

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3 featured interviews on the front page (will update at periodic times [to listen to & watch all interviews click here]):
Interview w/ Scott Gesty - Libertarian for U.S. House - At-Large - Delaware - 2012  

Interview w/ Danny Bedwell - Libertarian - US House candidate - Mississippi - District 1   http://dannybedwell.com  

Interview w/ Joe Cobb - Libertarian - US House candidate - Arizona - District 7   http://joecobb.com  

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Intro / Purpose

Hello, the purpose of this website (which was formed approx. the 1st half of 2012), pages, articles & etc. is to build a coalition on common sense issues - which need to be addressed and have been abandoned by our elected representatives for too long - issues which are pertinent and foundational, for a free society.  The purpose is to focus on some main big issues until they are rightly addressed, then I suppose it can disband until / if there is a need for a next time in another generation (hopefully the future and present will learn from history); the purpose is to address the big issues which may make the less big issues - less of an issue, if they are addressed, to prioritize and recognize the urgency and inspire ideas & action with a vision of what can be accomplished if we the people unite . . . for freedom, dignity, commonsense, justice, truth & beyond.  

I am an independent - I believe the two big political parties have formed a duopolistic cartel of sorts and it is high time to become independent of the ball and chain dragging us back (the repugnantcruts & demonlicons) and I think we and our future deserve much better and it is time to set our sights on high, respecting principles which have been recognized through the bravery and necessity for a life of liberty and the pursuit of happiness which people have been fighting for for eons.  Now it is time for a new, new normal per se - to begin this 21st century the way it is supposed to be and not via corrupt and short sighted visions we have been presented with so far by the powers that be.

This website will present ideas, candidates, ways & means to make our dreams become reality, via sharing ideas openly and freely - the strengths of a free society. 

Non divisive issues we the people can agree upon - the big priority issues:

1 - Civil Liberties - our rights - to be presumed innocent until proven guilty, to not experience illegal searches and seizures of our property, personal records or person's (requiring an independent judges approval under oath), the right not to incriminate oneself, if charged with a crime to know the charges, evidence & accuser as well as being accountable to a jury of our peers - to have a right to a fair, non-expedient yet speedy trial - the right to competent counsel, no cruel and unusual punishment, due process, not to be forced to purchase something from a private organization or individual, the right to exercise free speech (not just "free speech zones"), the right to protect yourself and bear arms, property rights against eminent domain or being used by the military, posse comitatus, the right to vote, the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  Basically new laws in government should expand, not limit, our freedoms.  This is where it starts - the solid foundation to allow entrepreneurs, philosophers and all individuals to thrive and for new ideas to be discovered and born - it gives us the moral high ground and also the confidence in our system and effects us spiritually, mentally, economically & physically - it is all related and it will effect other issues however Civil Liberties are a big issue and possibly a culmination of everything.

2 - End the undeclared wars.  President Eisenhower warned of a military industrial complex - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7gahL5j4ack
instead of borrowing 40 cents out of every dollar that our government currently spends with hundreds of bases around the world maintaining our empire - providing corporate welfare for big companies with no bid contracts, blowing up infrastructure overseas and borrowing more money to rebuild them (while our infrastructure at home needs repair), neutering diplomacy, free & fair trade and potential friendship with nations; instead why not make sure we have the best technology and best trained, educated & equipped military, close the bases in Germany, S. Korea, the Middle East, South America, etc. (approx. 900 bases in 130 countries) save Trillions and pay off the national debt (our number one security concern).  It is time to let our military heal and regroup - and possibly generate more influence & prosperity via trade.  Speak softly and carry a big stick - yes, civilian control of our military - also yes; corporate welfare via going to war for special interests - no, it is quite possible while we admit going to war over energy resources (oil) we could have paid less for oil via the free market & competition or be persuaded to use alternates via the free market compared to the trillions spent so far - not to mention the destruction and abuses of power, the cost of picking winners and losers via special interests and special deals and contracts - rewarding in-competency while hurting potential businesses who haven't required a free blank check.  The main question is would you rather be a part of an empire or a democratically elected republic?  "War is a racket" - General Smedley Butler.

3 - Accountability and Transparency - we cannot make informed decisions without the facts nor have dignity without the right to privacy.  We need to be able to observe freely any public "servant" doing public work via our tax dollars via video cameras, the media or as individuals, etc. and less cameras and other invasive tactics observing us, the citizens, we the free people.  There should be no back room deals in government, we should have freedom of information to all policies etc. with a fair and accountable means to protect national security.  Laws which are not amended to the Constitution should more than not have a sunset rule and be required to be renewed & reviewed every so often.  Full disclosure, more independent oversight & accountability of & for actions and policies done in our name, with our tax dollars by publicly elected officials is needed as well as banning laws passed by un-elected bureaucrats - we need stronger protections for "whistle blowers" and means to address grievances about abuses of power.  Perhaps some rules regarding conflicts of interests in regards to being a regulator of an industry that one regulates are in order or becoming a lobbyist or being hired later by companies which one had regulated are also in order.  

4 - Level the playing field - stop using the government to repress competition via rules, regulations and conflicts of interests - deregulate small business blockades of needing to certify to become a barber, hairdresser and other trades & things like that - not allow states to confiscate property over unpaid property taxes.  End the corporate welfare, special contracts and bailouts - picking winners (from losers) and losers (from winners); common sense would say it is a recipe for disaster if we keep bailing out those whom repeatedly fail, hurting the potential of businesses who might have filled that gap (in other words small and mid-sized businesses subsidizing [with their own money via taxes/ inflation] their in-competent competitors).  Get the cronies out of capitalism.

5 - Legalize industrial hemp.  It can't get you "high" per se - so why is it illegal to produce yet is it legal to import it?  Why do we subsidize corn production (raising prices for all goods that contain corn - which is a lot) for ethanol production instead of allowing the production of ethanol made from hemp at a cheaper price, plus using the plant for material uses - e.g. biodegradable plastics, fiber and more?  It would be good for farmers, industry and for our exports, create jobs and revenue; and be good for our mental heath (psychologically) - I would also argue - because we have grown up per se by allowing ourselves to be prohibited from a natural plant which is beneficial in many ways.  It is a mark of stupidity - to keep industrial hemp illegal to grow yet need to import it; I think we all (anyone who has researched industrial hemp) can agree on that.  I would advocate legalizing drugs or anything grown from a natural plant - if someone commits a crime ('s) while on drugs (arguably there would be less) then they are still, in no way any less, responsible for it - however doing drugs and not harming anyone else does not deserve any time in jail - otherwise true justice would require we lock up half the country, correct?  So if it doesn't deserve jail time (esp. for politicians who have admitted using them) then why are we wasting time (money and energy) on prosecution & cruelty rather than education.  A second tragedy of the so called drug war is industrial hemp currently being illegal - it is ironic that even those who advocate for the legalization of drugs and even states where it is legal for private use . . . that even in those places industrial hemp is still illegal.  It is a slap in the face to common sense to have that much uncommon sense (industrial hemp being illegal because of apathy, laziness, distraction, fear & greed) in the background of our nation - I think there is a case that it can effect our nation psychologically.

6 - Live in a free country - cut the department of homeland security and rename our internal security services to a less gestapo "fatherland" type of a name, perhaps keep the CIA and FBI and reorganize them - promote those who achieve excellence and virtue and take their oath to the Constitution sincerely and address the civil liberty issues stated in issue number one.  Get rid of private prisons (corporate welfare gone totally evil) or ones where people stay overnight (as opposed to perhaps treatment centers) - because they are naturally incentivized and motivated to have more prisoners, plain and simple - and they (because of how they make money) lobby Congress (with your money) to pass tougher laws to get more; as well as being less accountable they also have incentives to force inmates to work for pennies on the dollar otherwise face isolation, extended stays and / or other abuse.  Prison should be for people who deserve it (rapists and murderers, and people who commit violent acts against others in aggression) - prisoners should have clear rights & protection against abuse.  There should be no quotas for prosecutors and police - the goal should be less crime and if achieved . . .  it should be a job well done, not quotas.  The US of A has, by a considerable margin, the highest incarceration rate per capita + the actual highest number of prisoners than any other country in the entire world - there are many resources which cite the figures - just look up incarceration rate and you will find many articles. 

7 - Fairer elections - get rid of electronic voting.  Have an election channel (national / local - i.e. C-SPAN like) w/ equal time for qualified candidates and give all candidates equal time during debates; making the effect of money more irrelevant in politics without getting rid of it.  Perhaps a 'none of the above' option and more options for initiative referendums, perhaps not letting the party be known on the ballet - just the name of the candidates, maybe score voting & also perhaps changing rules in legislative committees to be more fair if a party has a majority in Congress.

8 - Audit the Federal Reserve and have public control.  Whether we be libertarian, progressive, independent or etc. I think we all can agree to audit the Fed - the debate might be whether to disband it and have competing currencies and / or let it have public oversight & accountability and be a public organization.  What could be more important than money in commerce, trade and the economy in our society?  I am not saying it is the most important thing - then again there isn't necessarily something more important than it.  I think whether we be libertarian, progressive, independent or etc. - we agree our government has some roles like defense - but again what could be more important than money, and on that note money for defense?  Our money supply and where it goes is right up there in the commons.  Research the Federal Reserve (if this is not an issue you are familiar with) and find out the Trillions of a bigger budget it has than our own Congress (which supposedly has the power of the purse - spending via direct election via Congressional district Representation), that is money which could be (potentially) used to bribe and do all sorts of things like manipulate the market, cause business cycles and stunt competition.  Imagine the deeds a greedy insider can do if they know, from inside knowledge, when to buy (on the way up) & then know when to sell (before everything crashes) they can get bailed out and / or buy up everything for pennies on the dollar - accumulating more power - absolute power, corrupts absolutely.  How we create money is a core concern that has a ripple effect on the entire (arguably) economy.

Now, imagine if these 8 or so big issues where resolved - and possibly a new renaissance or the like or better.

Points to mention:

If there is an argument which says getting rid of no bid contracts, corporate cronyism, private prisons, insiders in the FDA (a revolving door of pharmaceutical executives) & etc - would be a great loss of jobs (that are provided from the rest of us who pay for it w/ taxes while trying to compete) then I would say it is good that we hadn't subsidized the horse & buggy indefinitely right?  These are jobs that not only hold us back, they hurt us and cause misery & destruction - one might find or not find reasons to subsidize or invest and have a healthy public sector - that is debatable - I would say if we do, then at least invest in things which are productive like solar, space or discovery & exploration instead of treating people like cattle & making them pay for it; what about the potential of what could be if our time = money = energy & efforts were spent more wisely and with better accountability to the tax payer.  It is time to reset a more proper foundation.

Let us unite for fun, for liberty - out of necessity for our country and the future - then we can debate other issues - since these are ones that don't divide us, that we care so much about and would make the biggest impact it seems.  It would be the last thing certain powers that be would want (and also for you not to vote) - however if they want to evolve their positions then good.

In my opinion there is more that unites us than divides and it's a shame we haven't built a stronger coalition however I do see it forming.  The weight of these issues are too heavy to ignore and the best way I see of addressing (championing & legislation) these is to unite at least for a time and build a better understanding doing so.  I am learning I must say and these opinions can change, though I feel steadfast in these certain principles listed herein.  The main difference between libertarians and progressives is organizing publicly through government and the idea of volunteerism - I think (IMHO) libertarians need to think of the right order of events to make their ideas become reality and consider that when voluntary the government can be a trusted, accountable public tool to help people organize and to form - let's say a public health option (w/ no mandate, 'voluntary' of course) that charges whatever it costs to run it i.e. pays for itself and is voluntary (still saving money in regards to overhead from advertising, executive pay, bulk purchases, etc) like the postal service; progressives need to consider ways to do things which are accountable and that are based on voluntarism.  Both need to recognize the value of what each are saying - especially between the lines and talk, discuss and debate and fight for our rights and what we agree upon.

Ideas to make it so:

1) Reach out - organize, do a little at least each day, call your representatives and let them know you care - put the heat on - think big picture if we all participate.

2) Elections - 2014, there will not be a Presidential election, the focus can fully be on Congressional and local elections; I think where we can realistically make gains in the freedom movement is w/ Congress - simply put, we need to support and elect as many non-insider & non redonelicants or dinocrats as possible!  Expanding on that - there is usually someone on the ballot who qualified (to give you another option) running for the House or Senate who is NPA (no party affiliation) or independent or Libertarian or Green, etc - for a time let us put aside our differences and unite on our common issues listed above and if any candidate will take their oath to the Constitution seriously and live up to defending and fighting for these issues let us support them - especially if they are not one of the main two parties (who have about a 10% approval rating) - perhaps we will have a Congress that has 50+ Representatives not from the current two main cartel parties, rather who are fighters for freedom (more so representative of we the people) and then we can begin a new chapter and fight even harder . . . in 2016 & beyond and have a Congress that we deserve and deserve to have that.

3) Also support independent and 3rd party candidates not in your district - after all they will effect the laws you live by.  If you have only one alternate choice - e.g. only a Green Party candidate or only a Libertarian candidate in your district then support them this year - there are many fusion candidates on the ballot fighting for issues, that are the bigger issues, which unite us.


+ Listing of where to find each states Department of Elections / Secretary of State - most states (except for about 2) have a candidates list (click - State Disclosure Offices & choose 1 state at a time): 
+ (the above has been the best resource I've used combined w/ http://votesmart.org (about 95% accurate)

+ Libertarian Party & Green Party candidates list (great resources - about 95% accurate): 


+ The best resources I've used so far to find Congressional districts:


+ Who voted for the NDAA FY 2012 (+ other legislation)

+ http://thomas.loc.gov/home/thomas.php

+ http://meetup.com - start and / or join a meetup of interest


In the news: Feb. 12, 2013:  

+ We now have a store PrintFection.com/LP :   Products - LP Store
Also, we are projecting by the end of 2015 to have 2 feature films/ documentaries on independent and 3rd party candidates, to raise awareness of/ for "all" our options in 2014 and beyond (and have had), there will be more news about those in the weeks/ months ahead; this is a labor of love - the biggest compensation is living in a free, informed, prosperous country and world; if you value the direction, goals and the purpose of this operation
: your support makes it so.

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